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My Mission & Vision


The safety of our nation’s children and educators has become a top priority across the country. School is no longer perceived as the safe place it used to be. Angela is a strong advocate for safe schools based on the following ideals:

  • The oversight of bond expenditures
  • It is imperative to take necessary security measures that will allow students to be safe and feel safe when they are on campus
  • The importance of working with local law enforcement in the best interest of safety for Northville students
  • Safety should be the top priority of the Board of Education and district leadership


Northville Schools provides an exemplary education for students across the community and should maintain the highest standards for learning.

Northville Schools continues to outperform students across the county and the state. Angela’s priorities include:

  • Maintaining Class Room Sizes to a minimum in order for students to adequately engage with teachers and maintain the Northville standard of excellence
  • Providing even more opportunities, including STEM opportunities, in every classroom
  • Preparing students for the global world.
  • Educating our children to be global-minded citizens, while remaining rooted in the local community.

Real Estate Values

Angela is well-versed in all aspects of real estate development and understands that often the most important factor for families or individuals searching for a new home or community is the success of the local schools. Angela is dedicated to:

  • The high achievement of Northville Schools, which provides potential buyers with evidence of a smart investment
  • Maintaining the excellence in education that has been demonstrated for decades, which allows the real estate market in Northville to remain strong, and continue to grow
  • Sustaining and updating the infrastructure
  • Promoting smaller class sizes for incoming families

Accountability and Bond Expenditure

The Northville community has been very generous with bond dollars, allowing for updates in technology, infrastructure and safety. Angela is committed to:

  • The oversight of bond expenditures
  • Ensuring funds are spent in the most responsible and innovative ways
  • Transparency and the belief that bond dollars will only strengthen the community schools and classroom instruction

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