I am writing to express my unfettered support for Angela Jaafar, candidate for the Northville School Board. I have known Ms. Jaafar for almost 10 years when we first met as parents of children who were students at Silver Springs Elementary School. Ms. Jaafar and I had the pleasure of getting to know each other very well during the years our daughters were in Girl Scouts together. I have had the privilege of considering her a part of my “parent village” of support that is so vital to raising kids today. I have also been blessed to know her children and husband who are also outstanding members of our Northville community.

Members of my family and I have also worked with Ms. Jaafar professionally in various real estate sales transactions. She is a consummate professional realtor and a woman of great integrity. Ms. Jaafar puts her heart and soul into everything she does both personally and professionally. I have no doubt that she is the best qualified candidate for this position on the school board.

Very Truly yours,

Elizabeth C. Thomson
Attorney at Law
39636 Glenview Court
Northville, MI 48168

-Elizabeth C. Thomson, Attorney at Law

As a longtime Northville resident, I know that through the years, there has been one constant in our community, and that is the strength of our public schools. This November, someone I respect greatly is running to preserve the quality of our neighborhoods by maintaining the excellence of our schools. Angela Jaafar has deeply vested interest in Northville’s success.

Through all of my interactions with Angela, she has shown the greatest concern and resolve when faced with issues involving our neighbors. She is local business owner and a mom, and she takes these roles very seriously. This is why I know Angela will our serve our community well on the Northville School Board.

Schools and the students they produce ensure the continued growth and prosperity for which Northville is known. Angela Jaafar is the most qualified, prepared and dedicated person for the job, so I urge you to support her for the Northville Public School Board on November 6th.


Bill and Patricia Barent
Northville Residents

-Bill and Patricia Barent

To Whom it May Concern,


The nature of my work puts me in direct contact with people who care about the wellbeing of others in the community.   Among them is Angela Jaafar with her compassion especially for children.

In the last two years, she has tirelessly encouraged and supported her two daughters at Northville High School to mobilize their friends and provide basic needs for women and children in need.

It is worth noting that her daughters and their friends don’t just take nutritious meals to the women and children, they, more importantly, spend quality time with them, thus boosting their sense of belonging and esteem.

They have facilitated the donations of books and toys to aid the intellectual and emotional development of children in our facilities.  Besides this, I am aware that she does similar acts of kindness in the larger community without seeking the limelight because she truly believes in service to others.

Therefore, my reasoned belief that she has more to offer and more lives to touch and should be given the opportunity to do so.


Chad Audi PhD

President and CEO

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries

-Chad Audi PhD, Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries

As a fellow parent of school-aged children, I appreciate Angelas focus on the issues that truly matter to me as a parent; keeping kids safe, smaller class sizes, and sound fiscal management of limited resources. Angela has proven her community commitment with extensive volunteering of her time. Angela has prover her dedication to Northville and focus on progressing the common good.

-Jennifer Ader

Committee To Elect Angela Jaafar